Training and Education Courses

Our Training Suite offers students the opportunity to grow their understanding and skills in training design, training preparation and of course, training delivery.

Training and Education Courses

Within our suite, we provide a range of accreditations to help you carve your future career as a vocational trainer, including:

Where will these courses get me?

Courses in the Training and  Education suite are designed to equip you with knowledge and understanding of training design, training preparation, and training delivery. These courses will teach you the theory and importance of applying training analysis and assessment techniques, so that you can determine which type of learning your students will require.

The TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development expands upon the Certificate IV level course in the TAE training package, paving the way for a role as a training developer or instructional designer. These key figureheads are responsible for analysing training needs and creating training solutions to meet workplace capability requirements and evaluate the effectiveness of training programs.

Why Study Training Courses

This is a fantastic qualification suite because it opens up numerous pathways for rewarding careers and credit towards a university degree.

Careers associated with these qualifications from the training and education training package relate to the delivery of training and assessment of competence within the VET sector and many leadership or middle management positions. Possible job titles and roles relevant to this qualification include:

  • Enterprise Trainer
  • Enterprise Assessor
  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Trainer
  • RTO Assessor
  • Training Adviser or Training Needs Analyst
  • Vocational Education Teacher

The careers outcomes of this program can lead to a role within a wide range of organisations including private registered training organisations (RTOs), government departments, schools, community organisations and large TAFE institutes.

Why Choose Rose Training

Founded as a specialist registered training organisation (RTO) in Training and Assessment (now Training and Education), Rose Training has a passion for helping people grow and enrich their teaching skills. This passion has now evolved into the TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development. Because we are nationally accredited by the Department of Education and Training, we deliver valuable courses to many Australians, including nationally recognised statements of attainment. Our extensive experience in this area has contributed to high levels of student success rates.

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