Laurie Mullen

Current Private Investigator:

Currently the preferred investigator for a major care provider for Disability Services and Child Services.

Since 2004 he has been a practicing investigator sub-contractor to two major agencies. During that time, he carried out over 1,000 investigations for insurance companies and corporate entities, these include Compulsory Third Party Liability, Workers’ compensation, General Insurance, harassment and misconduct to name but a few.

Laurie’s employment history includes:

  • Royal Navy nearly 6 years. 1964 -1969 (Included 2 years as a Commando Parachutist with a combined operations unit).
  • Royal Australian Navy 4 years. Communicator.
  • Hampshire Police United Kingdom 1976 – 2003.
  • 10 years as a part time soldier with the Royal Military Police special investigation branch.
  • 2004 – current. Private investigator

Learners benefit greatly from Laurie’s “been there and done that” experience and is certainly a valuable resource to students seeking a career in Private Investigations.