Rose Training ensures that its students are provided with accurate information regarding their RPL application. The RPL process is undertaken in 5 simple stages:

Stage 1: Decide on and select which units of competency you would like to RPL

Student selects which units they intend to RPL or Credit Transfer. If selecting all units for RPL, then this means you intend to RPL the full qualification. It is important to understand that the RPL process for the full qualification is still assessed unit by unit.

Stage 2: Complete the pre-assessment questionnaire

This will tell you whether or not you are a suitable candidate for RPL. If advised that you are not a likely candidate for RPL, you have the option of enrolling into the unit or the full qualification.

Based on the units selected to study, you will need to answer some questions. Following these questions, you will receive an automated response that will indicate whether or not you are a suitable candidate for RPL. Please note that a suitable candidate is someone who has specific industry relevant experience in training and assessment in the VET sector, and, has the capacity to gather evidence to prove such experience and education relevant to the units of competency. These questions are designed to assist you in understanding the reasons why you are a suitable candidate, or perhaps why you would need to undertake training instead.  There will be two outcomes from this questionnaire. Based on your responses, you will be advised that you are either a suitable candidate for RPL, or, that your most suitable option is to enrol into the unit or qualification as a learner.

Stage 3: Pay the $200 non-refundable deposit to receive the RPL guide/s

This will advise you of all the evidence you need to gather.

Stage 3 provides RPL candidates with access to the RPL guide for each selected unit of competency, for a non-refundable deposit/ booking fee of $200.

Once you pay the deposit, you receive access to an RPL guide for each unit. Each guide will be very specific regarding the evidence you must gather for each unit and/or the entire qual. At this point it is your responsibility to ensure that you have access to such evidence as disclosed in your questionnaire, as this will help the RPL process to be successful.

Stage 4: Submit your evidence to our RPL specialist

This will result in an invoice being raised for the remaining balance of your RPL application.

Once you are satisfied you have gathered all of the evidence as outlined in the RPL toolkit. You can then submit your work. On submission, you will be invoiced for the remaining payment amount for your RPL in order for your work to be assessed. When your assessor assesses your work, if there are any major gaps found, you will be provided with training and assessment options to help. Where a unit of competency has insufficient evidence and requires training and assessing, you will be charged the price of that unit.

Stage 5: Feedback and Support

You will receive feedback from your assessor, who will then guide and assist you in finalising your evidence for issuance.