They said “Yes”!!

What does the same sex marriage vote mean to celebrants?

So the debate over the same sex marriage vote has finally drawn to a close, and the Australian people have voted YES!

This news comes as a relief to so many around Australia to whom this vote will mean so much, and may even change their lives. One group of people who will be massively impacted by the same sex marriage vote are marriage celebrants!

Now it’s in the hands of the politicians, with the House of Representatives scheduled to reconvene on the 27th. In the meantime, same sex marriage proponents across the country are heading to Canberra, lobbying for a swift change to the law.

The PM has stated a promise to pass the Same Sex Marriage bill by Christmas, however, despite Turnbull’s desire to make it happen, he’s likely to be faced with a number of obstacles. Currently the jury is still out on what the new laws will actually look like. Many are concerned about discrimination and what rights opposing religious organisations, businesses and individuals might have under the act to withhold their services.

What does this mean for Celebrancy in Australia?

The Monitum will change

That’s right! That phrase you’ve said so many times you find it appearing in your dreams is going to change! Depending on the extent of the changes, this may be quite challenging as old habits take time to change! It’s likely that these changes in the monitum will be reflected in the mandatory OPD you undertake in 2018, but of course the Attorney General’s department has not confirmed this at this early stage.

 There will be a lot more weddings!

Whether you’re for or against same sex marriage, there will certainly be a greater demand for celebrants, meaning your business has a fantastic opportunity to grow.  Since the introduction of gay marriage in New Zealand, same sex unions have accounted for a massive 4.9% of marriages. Over in the UK, the number of Marriages increased by 15,098 in the first year! Similarly, Canada’s census data revealed that of the 72,880 same sex couples in the country, one third had tied the knot since the legalisation of same sex marriage.

Where to from here?

Getting Same Sex marriage across the line in parliament

Despite the overwhelming vote in favour of Same Sex Marriage, not all MPs will reflect the sentiments of our Prime Minister, and the legalisation of same sex marriage following the postal survey’s results is in no way guaranteed. This having been said, the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs are in support of the changes to the Marriage Act and quite a few Liberal are, too! With that in mind, the legalisation of same sex marriage is likely to get over the line.

When will same sex marriage celebrancy actually start? 

If the results of other countries to legalise same sex marriage is anything to go by, we can expect a lag between changes to the marriage act and the first same sex marriage ceremony. So even though the Australian public has said “I do”, it may be some time before same sex couples have the same opportunity!

So what do you think?
As a celebrant, are you looking forward to the changes in legislation? With some ambiguity about when the first gay marriage celebrations will take place, one thing is clear: Now is the time to anticipate what the changes will mean to your business, and how you can prepare yourself for them.
Rose Training Australia will be covering this news as it evolves, so stay tuned and watch this space…
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