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The difference between an OK and a fabulous marriage celebrant is your ability to encompass all of the elements of a wedding ceremony and how you embrace the ritual and pageantry of ceremony.

That’s right pageantry! Whilst you are not the star of this pageant, during the wedding ceremony, as the celebrant you are the single person who offers detail to your couple ,on the endless possibilities they can utilise, to make their special day the most wonderful and significant public display of love and commitment.

As a fabulous celebrant, I have mentioned, you need to be the master of information and inclusion. How do you do this? You research, by way of reading, observing, listening and understanding.

Through the coming blogs, my ambition is to introduce you to the beautiful stories of ancient traditions within a wedding ceremony and how they have evolved into modern day ceremony.

Begin your journey of enlightenment, by understanding the basic inclusions of what I like to term as, the elements within the ceremony.

Tying the knot with Rose Training Australia

Our journey begins with the bride’s bouquet.

Bridal Imagery - Rose Training Australia

In a modern day wedding the bouquet is an essential, beautifully coloured and styled accessory for the bride and her attendants to carry.

In Ancient Roman times, the bride would choose to carry or wear the flowers as garlands in her hair. These flowers were thought to signify new beginnings, fidelity and the hope of fertility..

Heavily scented herbs and spices forming a bouquet were used in the Middle Ages. The scent of the bouquets infused the air believing they would ward off evil spirits and delicately mask the smell of body odour.

Queen Victoria carried a bouquet referred to as a tussi-mussi, a tiny intricate filigree holder filled with orange blossom and moss.

The tussi -mussi is believed to be the beginning of our brides love and desire for the now modern and beautifully styled bouquet; carefully chosen flowers to enhance the essence of her ceremony.

Flowers carry with them a meaning and language of understanding, that became a bride’s flower of significance. She would carry this representation of thought and feeling throughout her married life.

Bridal Imagery - Rose Training Australia