Online Courses

For self-paced learners, we offer the chance to study anywhere in Australia with our correspondence and online training programs. 

Online Courses

An online training course at Rose Training Australia has many benefits – flexibility, support, international accessibility, and the guarantee you are training with an organisation that cares about you, your education, and your future.

In the past couple of years, we have seen the popularity of our online Cert IV and Diploma courses rise and rise. We’re all getting busier. Family, friends, work, running a household…it’s often very difficult to take a week (or two!) off work to undertake a vocational education and training. Because of this, the flexibility of our online courses is something that is appealing to a wide range of people.

What is online training?

Online training is sometimes referred to as e-learning or distance learning. It makes use of technology and the Internet to provide the same or similar content as face-to-face courses, allowing you to complete your desired course at your own pace, within the environment of your choosing. The online courses at Rose Training involve images, videos, interactive tutorials, quizzes, and websites using a program called LITMOS, which makes the learning process fun, interesting, and engaging. Instead of speaking to your tutor directly, you can contact them through e-mail or phone. At Rose Training, you have up to a year to complete your online course, but students have finished their Cert IVs in as little as two weeks! We love to emphasise the flexibility that this form of learning encompasses; there is no pressure to complete it within a daily or weekly timeframe, and if family or work gets in the way, you can come back to it in a couple of weeks or months.

What are the advantages of online training?

There are many! For starters, online training is relaxed, self-paced, and self-directed. You can literally complete the course in your PJs! It takes into account other responsibilities and roles you have, whether they be professional or personal, and is able to accommodate for the times you have to go fulfil these roles and responsibilities. You don’t have to worry about packing lunches, finding a car park or making sure you catch the bus on time. Indeed, online training caters to your needs as a learner, allowing for and encouraging independent thought, analysis, research, and investigative skills.

Who is online training for?

The truth is that you will almost always see better learning outcomes in classroom based learning than online learning, because learning face to face is so engaging. However it is important that everyone has access to education and there are times when online learning really is the best option:

  • Fly in fly out workers who find it difficult to secure time off work to undertake a face-to-face course
  • Mums and dads who have young children to look after at home
  • Those who live outside of a main city or far away from a Registered training organisation (RTO)
  • Those who enjoy self-paced, self-directed, independent learning
  • Visual learners who respond better to images, videos, graphs, and charts
  • People who are comfortable and enjoy using technology to research, study, and investigate
  • Those who have access to reliable, high-speed internet

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When would face-to-face training be better?

  • If you are a kinaesthetic or auditory learner
  • If you are people person, that is, you enjoy being around people and are energised by them
  • If environments where you have to be by yourself are boring and not very productive for you
  • If you have the time and opportunity to be a part of a classroom environment
  • If you enjoy discussing questions and concerns in person rather than over e-mail or phone
  • If you learn more by bouncing off and discussing ideas with others
  • If you don’t feel 100% comfortable with using a computer or other forms of technology to do your course work
  • If the internet distracts you or causes you to procrastinate, and a classroom environment focuses your energy and encourages you to work

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