One Year In_What has changed for marriage?

Image of gay couple - One year in, what has changed for marriage equality? Rose Training Australia

It is one year since the Australian public voted overwhelmingly (67%) to legalise same-sex marriage. How has same-sex marriage changed the face of an age-old institution?

Recently we interviewed Marriage celebrant and head Celebrancy trainer, Jean Cook at Rose Training Australia about the changing face of marriage in Australia. Jean observed, “the student cohort across Australia has changed significantly in the last year”. Formerly, our student cohorts could safely be described as “older”, and predominantly women. Now the faces of our classes are more diverse in age and gender, with more men represented than before. Under-40s were considered young on our courses, it is not uncommon to see 20 and 30 year-olds in the classroom now. Indeed, the plebiscite reinvigorated marriage as an institution with more Millenials relating to the age-old institution anew.

More Australians are tying the knot and more young Australians are undertaking to become their Marriage Celebrants.

Jean Cook says, “The wonderful thing about being a Marriage celebrant is that you get to express what is dear to the marrying couple, and you get to make magic happen. Standing with two people who are about to solemnise their love is an extraordinary privilege. Is there a better job in the world?”

Jean Cook Quote - One year in, what has changed for marriage equality? Rose Training Australia

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