BREAKING: Australian Senate has passed the #MarriageEquality bill by 43 votes to 12! What about civil celebrants?

Like Bob Dylan said, ‘The times they are a changing”, and fast. It has been two weeks since the Australian people voted overwhelmingly, yes, to same sex marriage.  Today the Senate has moved quickly to pass the Dean Smith’s private member bill.   The most hotly debated issue has been protections for religious organizations and celebrants, who under the bill have the right to refuse to host or marry a same-sex couple.   Under the bill new Civil Celebrants will not be afforded the same rights, although, a grandfathering provision may allow celebrants who are already registered to object.  These provisions will become the focus again when the bill appears in the House, no doubt.  While Australia has been seen as slow to legitimize same-sex marriage, let’s hope with the benefit of other nations’ experience to inform our politicians we get a bill that other nations will look to.    Stay informed with Rose Training Australia.
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