Marriage Celebrants Bridal SOS- Heel Stoppers TIP

Have you ever tripped head over heels for someone?😲😜💫
Marriage Celebrants Bridal SOS- Heel Stoppers TIP

Jean Cook, our head celebrant trainer at Rose Training Australia knows all about the pitfalls when it comes to wearing heels at a wedding.
Jean tells us, “too many times have I seen a bride slip, stumble and fall because of a lack of traction under her heels! I mean, as hilarious as it sounds, it certainly isn’t a joking matter for the bride who has spent a lot of time and energy into making sure that this is a beautiful moment that will be forever remembered by her relatives, husband to be and friends.”

And, the bride is not the only one in danger of falling bottoms up.

Bridesmaids, your mum, your aunty and even you as the Marriage Celebrant need all the support you can get from your footwear on the day so you can remain looking and feeling your best.

Have you considered wearing heel stoppers to make sure the only one falling head over heels at the wedding, is the bride and groom? This is metaphorically speaking of course!

Here is our TOP TIP for Wedding Celebrants!

Be sure to pack extra heel stoppers in your bag for yourself and for the bride!

“You never know what’s around the corner and the more prepared you can be as a Marriage Celebrant the smoother the event is going to run!”

“As a Marriage Celebrant, you are running the show! Everyone is looking up to you to make sure things go to plan. Being super prepared adds an extra level of trust. Besides…if you come prepared with heel stoppers on the day- you will be considered a Marriage Celebrant superstar,” says Jean.

What is a heel stopper you ask?
Heel stoppers are little plastic guards with a wide flat surface that you can slip onto the tip of your stiletto heel. You can grab them from almost any shoe store…or order a bunch online!

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