God and Sex, and other good Marriage Celebrant reads

One of the great pleasures of being a Marriage Celebrant is the art of it all.

The Marriage Celebrant’s role is to express in words, in oratory, those things that represent the marrying couple’s hopes and aspirations.

But good prose does not write itself, nor does one have to rewrite ‘War and Peace’ everytime.

But if you are a touch sentimental, or have a knack for remembering every song, movie, or poem that moved you, then you are well on your way for creating ceremony magic!
A good Celebrant is an editor, or curator of poignant expressions, who upon interviewing the couple can make appropriate suggestions of beautiful sentiments for the couple to select from, should they need the help.

Being on the hunt for good lines is a Marriage Celebrant’s past-time.

From The Bard Shakespear, well known lines such as:

or lines from a bride's favorite Rom-Com such as:

or a groom's favorite band The Beatles:

can serve to set a tone, express a feeling, and personalise the ceremony making it both traditional and unique to the couple.

That is the Marriage Celebrant’s role, to present possibilities, acknowledge the heritage and influences, and as Rose Training’s Head of Celebrancy Jean Cook likes to say, “Create Magic!”

It is also the role of the Celebrant to be in touch with contemporary thought leaders, generational voices, and influential authors.

Here are a couple that are on our radar right now:

God and Sex, now we get both. By Mark Whitwell

Mark’s message is one of mutuality and intimacy in relationships with one’s significant other, providing a wealth of inspiration for crafting ceremonies.
“Love brings up all that is unlove, to be seen and understood. In other words as we embrace our relationships, much buried emotion may surface. It is like opening dusty old filing cabinets.”

“True love is to be untroubled by the limitations of the one we love. There is no point in life where we cannot truly receive another, no matter who they are.”

It is a book full of gems that is inclusive of secular, spiritual and religious traditions.

Crafting Meaningful Wedding Rituals: A Practical Guide by Jeltje Gordon-Lennox.

The trend towards a more secular culture in Western society means that there can be greater flexibility in a wedding ceremony, but couples are often faced with the challenge of preparing a meaningful celebration outside the traditional religious framework.

This hands-on, practical guide demonstrates how to approach and prepare a secular wedding ceremony that honours a couple’s relationship with honest vows and rituals true to their shared values.

So if your dream is to aide in the crafting of magical memorable moments on the happy couples’ day

why not bring your creative flair to life as a Marriage Celebrant?

Even if your aim is to simply marry a family member/couple (as many of our students do), no one knows them like you or could perform the role of Celebrant quite like you.

What could be more meaningful?!

The place to start is either online or in one of our 5-day Headstart workshops to gain the requisite CHC41015 – Certificate IV in Celebrancy!

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