Is Batman a superhero? It’s a common, never-ending argument. He doesn’t have supernatural powers so that lays the case for him not being a superhero. But wait, similar to fellow non-supernatural humans such as Ironman or Black Widow he does have self-created superior technology, strength, intelligence, fighting skills etc. So he is a superhero?

It’s an argument that may never be settled but one thing that can’t be argued, is that he is one hell of a detective. 

While Batman is known mostly as a tenacious vigilante, he is also known in the comic world as, “The World’s Greatest Detective”! In fact, he was not far behind Superman in being introduced to the world through Detective Comics (DC). 

One of the main reasons that he has been able to mix it up with the supernatural world of heroes is because of his investigation skills. His intellect, logical reasoning, and powers of deduction help him as he works closely with Police Commissioner Gordon of Gotham City to track down and apprehend criminals.

His patience is also a factor. There’s an iconic image of Batman, perched on a building’s ledge, overlooking the city as he steadily waits and watches for anomalies that can tip him off to a crime.

Sure, he is stinking rich and so also has a ridiculous amount of crime detection tech at his disposal but strip that all away and it is his raw abilities that truly make him a great investigator and one worthy of sitting in the “Investigators Hall of Fame” alongside the likes of other fictional sleuths like Drew, Sherlock, Marlow, Poirot etc.


Do you have what it takes to be Batman? Or if not Batman then at least a really good Private Investigator?

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